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Modern interior design with red sofa roman blinds on window
The Appeal of Roman Blinds
24 June 2022

When it comes to window coverings, arguably the most distinctive are Roman blinds. If you want fashionable blinds, they should be high on your list of options. At the same time, given all of the benefits they provide, they are also surprisingly affordable blinds. It’s hard to completely pin down the appeal of Roman blinds,…

Panel blinds
Your Guide to Panel Blinds
06 May 2022

There’s nothing wrong with basic window coverings – they remain popular for a reason. But if you’re after the sort of coverings that are guaranteed to earn compliments from everyone who sees them, consider panel blinds. These blinds consist of fabric panels that slide across a track. At Sunblinds and Curtains in Adelaide we can…

The Benefits of Updating Your Blinds and Shutters
28 March 2022

We are instantly notified whenever a house, apartment or commercial building has new window coverings because they’re such an important part of living and working in those spaces. We’re constantly interacting with them in some way. But while we all know that new blinds, new shutters, etc. are a great way to give a property…

Panel blinds
Tips for Finding the Right Blinds and Shutters for Your Property
25 February 2022

If you’re thinking about purchasing new window coverings for your home, rental property or workplace, our first tip would be to find a well-established curtain and blind company that offers affordable products that are still made to a high standard. To determine this, visit the blinds shop in question (or their showroom) and inspect the…

Affordable Blinds and Awnings to Consider for Your Property
21 January 2022

If you’re putting up with old, damaged or permanently dirty window coverings because you’re worried about the cost of replacing them, stop! You’ll be amazed at the affordability of new blinds and awnings from Sunblinds and Curtains, where everything is made to measure using trusted materials by a team with decades of experience and supplied…

Window cover
Commercial Blinds and Products
11 January 2022

At Sunblinds and Curtains, we don’t just manufacture and install top-quality window coverings for homes all over Adelaide, we also supply awnings, blinds, curtains, shutters and more for commercial purposes. So, if you’re looking to outfit a new place of business/other institution or just to replace the worn or unfashionable window coverings in an existing…

Indoor Blinds
The Benefits of Plantation Shutters
11 January 2022

Plantation shutters have style. They are so named because they were often found in the impressive mansions at the centre of huge plantations. The folks back then knew what they were doing! But good looks definitely aren’t the only qualities these window coverings have going for them. A permanent fixture based around chunky timber louvres,…

Roller shutters
The Benefits of Roller Shutters for Commercial and Residential Properties
11 January 2022

Roller shutters are popular with homeowners and business owners for a variety of reasons; they offer many benefits and can be utilised for a range of applications. Roller shutters are largely used by business owners for security purposes, although they aren’t limited to just commercial use. Residential roller shutters are also becoming increasingly more popular…

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