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The Benefits of Updating Your Blinds and Shutters

28 March 2022

We are instantly notified whenever a house, apartment or commercial building has new window coverings because they’re such an important part of living and working in those spaces. We’re constantly interacting with them in some way. But while we all know that new blinds, new shutters, etc. are a great way to give a property an instant facelift, there are actually several distinctive benefits to updating blinds and shutters. Let’s take a closer look…

Improve Your Quality of Life

Updating blinds and shutters improve the quality of life for the people using the rooms in question, making those rooms more pleasant places to be. Everyone likes spending time in an environment where things are new, fashionable, not mismatched, clean and in perfect working order. And, if you’re the person who chose the new blinds or new shutters, you’ll enjoy the added satisfaction of having given the windows a personal style touch.

Want to instil a feeling of real luxury? Consider upgrading to plantation shutters.

Add Value to the Property

There’s absolutely no question that updating blinds and shutters add value to a property. Not only does it make the building extra attractive to potential buyers/renters, but it also sends an unspoken, reassuring message that the seller/landlord CARES about the property. This goodwill is something on which you can’t put a price – but it can make a big difference to folks signing on the dotted line.

On the subject of landlords, there is a legal obligation to present rental properties “in a reasonable state”, so if the current window coverings have deteriorated that bit too far, updating them also fulfils this responsibility.

Increase Your Privacy

Let’s face it, old window coverings that are worn and/or damaged rarely provide the level of privacy we’d like in our homes and workplaces. Another benefit of new blinds, new shutters and the like, then, is that they give total privacy. They’re perfectly fitted to the window and brand spanking new!

Increase Your Light Control

Even if your old blinds are relatively intact, the simple fact is that technology, designs and materials are constantly improving, meaning that past models can’t hope to compete with a modern equivalent when it comes to light control. Updating blinds and shutters is a way of ensuring that the adjoining rooms have the best possible options when it comes to natural lighting.

Furthermore, minimising artificial-light use is environmentally responsible, as made very clear in government recommendations on the topic.

Save on Heating and Cooling

Following on from the previous two points, new blinds, new shutters and other new window solutions are bound to be more efficient than your existing coverings at blocking external heat in summer and retaining internal warmth in winter. The obvious economic benefit from this is that you’ll save on your heating/cooling bills as a result.

Kickstart that Building Makeover

It’s funny how often an upgrade such as updating blinds and shutters spurs those responsible for making further worthwhile improvements. If you’d love to give your house, apartment, office or whatever a serious makeover, the windows are an excellent place to begin.

When it’s Time to Update, We Can Help!

Sunblinds and Curtains is a South Australian-owned business operating since 1969. We manufacture our products locally and offer a free measure and quote, excellent prices and service that’s second to none. You can call us on (08) 8263 0704, visit our showroom in Golden Grove (Adelaide) or send us an enquiry via the online form here. We’re ready to help you update your blinds and shutters using our years of knowledge and experience.

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