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Your Guide to Panel Blinds

06 May 2022

There’s nothing wrong with basic window coverings – they remain popular for a reason. But if you’re after the sort of coverings that are guaranteed to earn compliments from everyone who sees them, consider panel blinds. These blinds consist of fabric panels that slide across a track.

At Sunblinds and Curtains in Adelaide we can custom-make panel blinds to your exact requirements, using top-quality materials to ensure that they will look their best for many years to come. If you’re wondering whether panel blinds are the right choice for your property, here’s a list of some of the benefits they offer…

Highly Distinctive Style

The fine lines of panel blinds can’t help but catch the eye – and the range of fashionable colours/patterns available when you buy from Sunblinds and Curtains don’t hurt, either! Where other window coverings may come across as an afterthought, panel blinds always feel like a design choice, and usually add the finishing touch to a room’s décor.

Excellent Privacy

When panel blinds are in the closed position, the fabric panels provide a high degree of privacy. With other coverings, louvres tilted the wrong way or not enough may allow prying eyes to peep inside. That doesn’t happen with panel blinds.

Good Light & Heat Control

Panel blinds can allow in maximum natural light, no light or various levels in between. During summer, the fabric panels block out glare. While in winter, they assist in preventing warmth escaping from the room. It’s worth pointing out, too, that any window coverings like this that add insulation also inevitably lower your power bills.

Speaking of savings, don’t forget that Sunblinds and Curtains are also specialists in commercial blinds, if you’re shopping for coverings in the capacity of business owner rather than as a homeowner.

Solve Certain Design Problems

Wide windows, bifold doors and sliding doors can all be problematic from an interior-design standpoint. However, panel blinds represent the perfect solution in each case. What’s more, these blinds may also be used as room dividers.

A Durable Option

Thanks to the high-quality fabric we use for our panel blinds at Sunblinds and Curtains, they are very durable. As already stated, you can expect years of service from your blinds, making them a sound investment, especially considering the lift they give any property.

Kid and Pet Friendly

Stylish home fittings and kids/pets often don’t play well together. The opposite is true with panel blinds, though. Firstly, because they are easily pushed aside. Secondly, because there are no thin louvres for body parts to get stuck between. And thirdly, on a similar note, since there are no dangerous mechanisms in which little people/critters can become tangled.

Interested in Panel Blinds?

Sunblinds and Curtains is a South Australian-owned business operating since 1969. We manufacture our products locally and offer a free measure and quote, excellent prices and service that’s second to none. You call us on (08) 8263 0704, visit us in Golden Grove or send us an enquiry via the online form here. We’re ready to make your dream of a property filled with gorgeous panel blinds a re

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